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Denied Shadow's abuse.

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Jun 27, 2023
Your Steam Name: Gremanik
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:191957510

Staff Member:
(@ them) @Shadow
Time of Incident: Yesterday at 12:03 AM

Incident Description: He keeps warning me, and I have no idea why he did this to me. Justification for bad/inappropriate behavior.
Additional Information (Videos, Pictures, et cetera):

Snímek obrazovky z 2023-07-27 13-40-08.png
Zoephix or another moderator please, look at the application.

It is customary to allow a staff member to reply to the allegations set against them; however, I will go ahead and handle this straight away instead.

We categorize abuse as staff members violating the rules, misusing their privileges, or acting in a manner that is inappropriate specifically for a staff member (but isn't a rule violating in and of itself).
Let's go ahead and break this down:
  1. Rule Violation
    None of the forum rules were broken by the staff member in question by sending the aforementioned warning.
    His message was respectful, meaningful, relevant, safe for work, did not derail the conversation into interpersonal arguments, did not self-promote or advertise, and was not harmful, disruptive, or malicious. This generally concludes all of the forum rules set in place.
  2. Misuse of Privileges
    Had your message not violated any rules, you would correctly assume that privileges had been misused in this case; however, the message you had received a warning for was, in fact, in violation of the forum rules; thus, no privileges had been misused.
  3. Inappropriate Behavior
    Shadow's behavior was not inappropriate past the scope of what we expect of a staff member.

Calling another's project dense with no further explanation is either just meaningless or completely disrespectful. You can't claim that it is constructive feedback when all you've done is practically equivalent to calling it a bad project for no reason.

The staff member will not be sanctioned.
Not open for further replies.