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Sep 10, 2019
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Staff Applications
Information & Format

Welcome, if you're here you're either curious or at least slightly interested in becoming a staff member in LimeFruit. Until now we have primarily handpicked our staff or allowed people who have shown much interest to partake in trial positions. Recently, with the server's popularity growing, we have decided that this method is no longer compatible with the community, and have decided to open public staff applications.

Access Groups
Our staff team is split into numerous access groups which are based on the level of trust given to the specific staff member to operate within the server. Different access groups are granted different levels of autonomy and permissions.

The following is the list of our current access groups:
  • Owner
  • Community Manager
  • Development Team
  • Head Staff
  • Senior Staff
  • Staff
  • Junior Staff

Everyone at Head Staff and above are considered members of the management team, with community ambassadors assisting the community manager in his job.

In order to become a staff member, there are a few requirements that we ask you fulfill:
  • You must have a working microphone;​
  • You must have a forum account and be a member of our Discord server;​
  • You must actively play on the server;​
  • You must be mature and professional.​

Application Format
Please create a new thread with the following format if you wish to apply. Make sure to title the thread appropriately.
The format may be extended as you wish. Please refrain from colouring your application with bright colours.

Steam Name
Place your answer here.

Steam ID
Place your answer here.

Discord Name
Place your answer here.

Place your answer here.

Previous Experience
Place your answer here.

Do you fulfill all of the requirements?

Why would you like to join the LimeFruit staff team?
Place your answer here.
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