Medical department Guidelines


Sep 9, 2019
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Our mission: As a member of medical department it is your job to help every member of Black Mesa. From injuries to a disease to a contamination. This will be your priority number one, always. This include giving people proper and professional care if needed. If the person needs better care, you must safely transport him any transportation that can provide transport to medical facility in Black Mesa or to hospital. Your next priority is also testing employees in medical checks and help them if they have normal medical problems. Just remember, you must help others, but stay safe.

Ranks – every member has a rank and with it a responsibility.

Head doctor: also a leader of medical department is responsible for running the department smoothly. It is a mostly managing position, with checking numbers of employees, supplies, checking reports and more. However, head doctor also provides training of new personal, meetings and biology research. When in duty, head doctor can provide medical care and mean time doing research. With medical care is mean same as doctors in duty.

Doctor: second highest rank in medical. If head doctor is not avaible, he is in charge of medical department in duty. His responsibilities are made of basic and specialization duty. Basic duty is providing medical care for patients, medical checks and going to emergency run. In the meantime, doctor can do biology research, under head doctor or head of biology. Every research report or proposal must be reported to head doctor. As a specialization duty, every doctor (except for practical doctor) can provide their skill in duty. For example, surgeon can provide operations, but in the same time he can’t do psychologist role. Doctor can only have one role.

Nurse: the assistant of doctor. Her/his job is to assist doctor during medical procedure. With it they also help patients before and after medical procedure. Next is assisting doctor in check up or on operation. Lastly is a receptionist role in medical ward. Nurse must obey orders from doctor and always inform about status of patient. If there is no doctor on duty, nurse became leading duty figure. However, nurse can only do a checkup and a medical procedure. Operations or anything above normal medical procedure, nurse can’t do.

Medic: a person who will not only assist doctors/nurses, but also begging the first responder to accidents in facility. Their job is to stabilize victim and bring him to medical ward. In there they can provide assistance. If they are the only in duty, they can provide basic medical care, but not a medical checkup.

Medical intern/trainee: these are people who are in training to become medical member. The only difference is that trainee will become medic or nurse, while medical intern doctors. If on duty, intern/trainee can watch procedures and operations from safe distance. If a doctor allows it, they can do a medical tests or checks. In not life threatened procedure they can provide help, if nurse or doctor will approve it. In life threating situations, they can’t provide assistance, only watch. If there is only medics on site, then it’s possible to watch, but not intervie. If there is no medical staff, they shouldn’t join.


Any member can call for medical need. For that a medic or any other medical member will respond to scene. If the patient need better care he must be brought to medical ward. If person needs a special treatment, he must be transported to medical transport. Sometimes a evacuation will be called in which all personal must get patients out of facility or any other injured personal. On surface doctor must do a testing for biological or radiation thread. If it turns out to be positive, the person must be placed in quarantine and takes the right medicine.


In medical there is three codes that will be used in critical situations:

Code green: status is stable, medical will do their duties.

Yellow: usually in need of an assistance and redenies of medical staff. If called medical must prepare equipment and wait for any more calls

Red: special call. Usually used in mass victim statues. All personal must report to medical ward.

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