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May 3, 2020
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This thread is a general overview of the Maintenence Department faction and its operations featured on LimeFruits BM;RP server. This document is not a guide and should not be treated as such. Below you can find a few important links that will help you during your time in our faction.

  • Roster - A list of Senior Faction members who you may wish to contact.
  • Guide - A short guide to our Faction.
  • CCC - A place to post your comments, complaints and criticisms of our Faction.



The Black Mesa Maintenence Department goal is to repair and maintain the Black Mesa Facility. In such a large facility malfunctions and breakdowns are a daily occurrence and it's our job to ensure everything keeps running smoothly. The upkeep of the facility could be something as little as mopping a floor to repairing vital scientific equipment.


Rank Structure:
(Baring Head of Maintenance, promotions within this faction are entirely IC. Your chances of being promoted are based solely on your ability to RP.)

Head of Maintenance:

The head of Maintenence is the overseer of all activities conducted by the department. They manage promotions, file reports, deal with department finance and take part in important departmental operations.

Senior Maintenance Officer:

Senior Maintenance is the second-highest rank in the department made up of 5 hand-picked individuals who handle the day to day operations of the department, they are essentially floor supervisors. They are also expected to train and guide new members of the department.

Maintenance Officer:

The highest rank most members of the department will reach and make up the bulk of the department. Their job is the same as Junior Maintenance however they are also expected to take part in more important maintenance operations such as the repairing of machinery or scientific instruments

Junior Maintenance Officer:

Junior Maintenance members are essentially Janitors and mechanics, tasked with keeping the facility clean and conducting minor repair work on things such as computers and generators.

Trainee Maintenance Officer:

The starter rank of the department, as the name suggests they are in training. They should be focused on learning how the server/role works under the supervision of a Senior Maintenance Officer. Once their training has been deemed completed they should be promoted to Junior ASAP.


From Trainee to Maintenance Officer, you will be supplied with a standard-issue Black Mesa maintenance safety uniform as seen below.
The Uniform is tailored to fit you personally and comes with several useful items.
  • Stylish orange work pants.
  • Stylish orange shirt.
  • Steel-toed black utility boots.
  • Synthetic leather belt buckle.
  • Standard Issue safety Helmet.
This uniform should make carrying out your day to day duties much more comfortable



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