Lucian's "Head of Biology" Pre-Application

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Lucian G.

Sep 27, 2019
This is my Second Application, Since i really wanted to make a better one.

Lucian's Head of Biology Application

Your Steam Name: Lucian/
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:239548469
Discord username:
Jigflying / Lucian/tzh45#8704

The Name of your Character: "Lucian Garz"
The Age of your Character: 22 Year's old.

Education History of you Character: Phd. in Advanced Biology, Phd. in Botany wich he was awarded both at the "Magdeburg University".
Degree in Business School at the "Berlin School of Business and Innovation".

The biography/background of your Character:

Lucian is a 22 Year old Male. He is 6 Foot big and weighs 170 lbs. He also wears Black glasses since he had minor vision problem's.
Lucian has brown hair and a small nose, his eye colour is black. In a Lab Enviorment he wears a white, clean Lab Coat.
He often wears a blue shirt and yellow trousers. Lucian also wears a red tie with orange strips.

Lucian Garz grew up in rural area Germany's, in a little town that wears the name "Großkugel".
He had extraordinary good Grades in school, especially in Biology. Lucian absolved primary school as one of the best students and enrolled into the "Magdeburg University" where he took Biology classes in hopes to become a Researcher, in his free time he also took Botany classes, after all the work and effort he graduated from the Magdeburg University with 2 Phd's, One in Biology, One in Botany.
Lucian then worked for an Unknown Research Group in Germany, he had tons of free time so he also enrolled while working into the
"Berlin School of Business and Innovation" he successfully graduated from there a Year later. At his young age of 20 he decided to take the risk and begin a new life in the USA in hopes to finally fulfill his dream of becoming an Researcher.
In America, he looked out for any Scientifical Jobs wich have something to do with Biology, his search was nearly going to end, he nearly gave up but then he found out about the "Black Mesa Research Facility" and he applied for the Position as the "Head of Biology".

Division you are applying for: Science Division.
Rank you are applying for within your chosen division: Head of Biology.
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Head Staff
Head Staff
Sep 10, 2019
Hey Lucian, unfortunately your application has not been accepted.

Allow me to begin by pointing out some of the more obvious and less important things:
  • Your application has not been formatted correctly, you should mark the questions as bold and the answers as normal text.
  • You have made plenty of linguistical mistakes all across the application. This is generally not a stopping barrier but should be addressed.

Additional to the two points above, there are many illogical things in your background and related fields:
  • Most ordinary people have an extraordinarily hard time receiving an academic degree in scientific fields, let alone a PhD, which makes me highly question if studying for two at the same time is even possible.
  • Your character seems to have practically skipped pre-PhD academic degrees, such as bachelors and masters.
  • It is not possible to get a degree, let alone a PhD, by studying a subject on the side, regardless of the nature of the subject.
  • It is practically impossible to have a PhD by age nineteen, let alone two PhDs. It's highly unprobable to even have a bachelors in that age.
  • It is not possible for a fresh PhD to instantly receive a position such as Head of Biology, especially in a place such as Black Mesa where most members of the Research Department also possess PhDs.
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