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It's important for all players to follow the rules carefully and consistently, this ruleset serves to create a fair, serious and healthy environment to players. Ignorance, in any form, of the rules detailed within this ruleset will not be accepted as a reasonable reason for any violation of these rules. Any attempts to exploit loopholes within the rules will not be tolerated.

Out Of Character (OOC) Ruleset
  • No cheating, exploiting or bug abusing.
  • No flooding the OOC chat.
  • No impersonations.
  • No leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP).
  • Do not disrespect or be racist towards any players or staff on the server.
  • No non-serious, disruptive or inappropriate behavior.

In Character (IC) Ruleset
  • No disrespecting fellow players and staff members, to maintain a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • No performing unrealistic physical actions, such as repeatedly jumping.
  • No performing unrealistic actions with the perform (/me) command.
  • No unserious in-character behavior, as this is a serious server.
  • No power-gaming (Forcing actions onto others or not allowing players enough time to respond to actions).
  • No stalling roleplay situations (Problems may be resolved after the In Character situation has finished).
  • No unrealistic character descriptions, descriptions must be physical describing only.
  • No unrealistic or famous character names (E.G Gordon Freeman).
  • No connections between any of your current characters (E.G In Character information).
  • No building, disruptive or unrealistic constructions.
  • No sending unrealistic emails, or spam emails to others.
  • Please do not take matters into your own hands, let the staff team deal with it.
  • Do not void situations if not all parties consent (exception for if staff approved).
  • No form of Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is allowed within the server, it's simply not realistic nor tolerated within the current setting.

Combat Explanation and Ruleset
  • Shoot to kill is active on the server.
  • Shoot to kill is only between the shooter and the target.
  • Actions such as equipping, raising weapons and turning safety off must be performed.
  • You must start a firefight with indication, performed through the /me command.
  • After the /me is done, you may open fire and do not have to wait for a reaction (Unless the target is unarmed, at severe disadvantage, S2RP should be used.)
  • Fear roleplay is in effect before and during S2K (Faction exceptions: HECU)
  • Med roleplay may be put on hold until the S2K situation has ended.
  • You may only use a health item once during combat; you must be in cover and not actively shooting/being shot at. Using the healing item should be roleplayed properly while doing so.

Permanent Kills (PK) Explanation

In order for a character to be permanently killed, the situation must fulfill any of the criteria listed below:
  • If there is a valid In-Character Reason (this is to be decided by online administration).
  • If a character has been fired (Must contain a valid In-Character Reason).
  • If a character commits suicide.
  • If a character was assassinated.
  • If a characters death was the result of any on-going event.
  • If a dumb choice was made (E.G Going into the core unprotected).
Donator Permissions Ruleset
  • No misuse of trusted permissions (E.G Pet Flags and whitelists).
  • Any PAC3 outfits have to stay realistic, and shouldn't be disruptive, unserious or lore breaking.
  • Do not create or use a character within a whitelisted faction without permissions from online staff.
  • Do not create a whitelisted character with unrealistic name (E.G Bob the Headcrab).

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