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This document contains information on the funds allocated to the Sigma project, how said funds are distributed among the departments of the project and what the departments are expected to do with their allocated resources.

The allocation of funds inside each department is ultimately the department head's choice, while the administration does the reserve the right to interfere this will only happen if the funds are being used illegally or in an otherwise disruptive or wasteful manner (e.g. buying unnecessary equipment or using the money for personal benefits).


Department heads, if your expenses go over your budgeted amount report it IMMEDIATELY to an administration officer or above, that way emergency funds can be allocated after a review. While it is ALWAYS preferred that you stay inside your yearly budget, there are grants and bail-outs available for situations where going over budget is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

All departments are allowed to use their share of the budget on the following:

  • Office Supplies.
  • Salary Bonuses.
  • Luncheon Vouchers.
  • Insurance & Healthcare.
All other relevant assets can be bought with permission from an administration officer or higher, or if they are listed in department specific lists.

The project receives 1.2 Billion US$ annually, this money is divided up by the administration department for the different departments in the project. For the year 2004 the budget is divided up as follows:

12.6% (151 200 000$) ~ Employee Salary
34.3% (411 600 000$) ~ Science Department
0.1% (140 000$) ~ Administration
20.65% (247 800 000$) ~ Maintenance
20.9% (250 800 000$) ~ Security
7.7% (92 400 000$) ~ Assets
1.2% (14 400 000$) ~ Utilities
0.4% (4 800 000$) ~ Misc
2.15% (25 800 000$) ~ Emergency Fund

Employee Salary - Pays the salaries of all project Sigma staff, does not include bonuses as bonuses are deducted from the department's own budget.
Science Department - Includes everything the science team may need to do their job, materials, chemicals and other utilities (always check if materials are available in the local BMRF storage to cut costs), it also includes the cost of maintenance on any projects and attributed machinery.
Administration - Includes all office supply costs and bonuses.
Maintenance - Includes most repairs and renovations / upgrades on the facility.
Security - Includes the development and maintenance of the security systems and functions of the entire facility.
Assets - Anything that can be considered an asset to the project but doesn't directly fall under any department.
Utilities - Includes the development and maintenance of the utilities on site, including but not limited to: sewage, power and plumbing.

Misc - Smaller requirements which do not fall under any category, such as the canteen, store and break rooms and less important functions.
Emergency Fund - A pool of money from where departments can withdraw money with administration permission if they go over the budget.
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