Alans seniour scientist application

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Sep 9, 2019
Your Steam Name: vbuzalka
Your Steam ID: 76561198071339857
Discord username: Alan158#8832

The name of your character: Henry Fox
The age of your character: 48

Education history of your character: PhD of zoology, bachelor of anatomy and biology
The biography/background of your character:
6 feet tall man, 200 pounds weight. Has a green eyes, brown short hair, brown mustache, bigger nose then others. His normal outfit is with a white shirt with brown sweater, brown pants, brown shoes. In job he wears this outfit with a white coat or just a blue shirt with brown pans and brown shoes with lab coat or not. In a study of xen aliens he wears white suit with a mask and white hat to stop any hair for any dropping.
Henry born in a village in Scotland. Here he lives with his mother, local teacher, and a father a veterinary. It’s not a surprise that he decided to watch his father at work. But he just doesn’t want to watch animals how they look, he wants to know what its inside of them. So he starts to study an anatomy. He was that inserted in zoology and anatomy that he moved to London to study further, to a little joy of his parents. Here he gets after a big work a PhD in zoology and later bachelor from anatomy. Then he starts to working on an animals and research them. But after three years he got bored about this job. It was still same. And as a plus he just divorced with his wife, leaving her and his son. So it was an interesting offer when a Black mesa offer him work. There he finds his in heaven. Studying xen creatures makes him happier than ever after. From now on only god knows what will be next for him…

“Anatomy is like a reading book. You need to open it to see what is inside…”

Division you are applying for: Science Division
Rank you are applying for within your chosen division: senior scientist
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Head Staff
Head Staff
Sep 10, 2019
Hey Alan, I would like to thank you for taking your time to apply and regret to inform you that after careful consideration by the review team we have decides not to accept your application.

This decision primarily originates from a number of issues consistent amongst your previous applications as well as other aggrevating circumstances, all of which will be detailed below.
Before you continue reading, I would like you to understand that some of the feedback below may appear rude or may have been outlayed in a way that you find inappropriate. If that happens to be the case, please open a conversation with me and point that out.

So, as for the issues I found within your applications:
  • Throughout your application, you failed to format it properly, harshly deterioriating readability and making the application appear unpleasant to the eye. For future reference, you should mark the questiond as bold and the answers as standard text, maintain a standard font, font size and colour.
  • Your writing has been unsatisfactory by terms of using proper English. We expect applicants to be able to communicate on an appropriate level, especially if they are attempting to reach a senior position.
  • Your character's provided backstory provides much off-topic or otherwise irrelevant information and failed to appropriately focus on the primary things that have led your character to reach said position. In the future, keep your backstory focused or self-elaborating on why other information is needed by using it in the next parts.
  • You already possess two approved characters, one of which sponsors you to have a leadership position in said faction. We would like you to earn other positions in-game and through character progression.

If you disagree with the verdict, please open a forum conversation with @SleepyMode @Zoephix @Tom and explain your case.

We hope to see you on the server!
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