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    New Forum Theme & BMRP Forums Archive

    I like this, this is a wonderful forum. 😍
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    Resolved I have a question.

    Discord Name: GremanikCZ @gremanikcz_90559 Steam Name: Gremanik What is this suggestion for? (E.G Faction, Server, ect): Forums The Suggestion: Blacklist removal. Links (If neccesary): For example, if a player created admin abuse application to another admin, can the player be removed from the...
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    any help?

    Allowed one incorrect quiz answer. Added notification to staff when someone fails the quiz. I'm hoping for a failing quiz, so, I'd want to see staff members disable the notification quiz.
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    I like shadow or S1lent.

    I like shadow or S1lent.
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    I like zoephix.

    I like zoephix.
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    Where I can find?

    Thank you, friend.
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    Where I can find?

    Where I can find Guides?
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    Hey Lucian. How you doing buddy?

    Hey Lucian. How you doing buddy?
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    +rep The best @TarasRex[ATTACH]

    +rep The best @TarasRex
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    Oh, hello there.

    Oh, hello there.
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    I beg

    What is JPRP?
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    Question: Blλck Mesa

    Why Blλck Mesa is so popular?
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    Resolved Suggestion: Add more weapons

    Security and Hecu can use weapons, M16/M4 and Desert Eagle?
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    Resolved Suggestion: Add more weapons

    -Support Nah.
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    Denied Shadow's abuse.

    Your Steam Name: Gremanik Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:191957510 Staff Member: (@ them) @Shadow Time of Incident: Yesterday at 12:03 AM Incident Description: He keeps warning me, and I have no idea why he did this to me. Justification for bad/inappropriate behavior. Additional Information (Videos...
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    Art Showcase

    I'm Dr. Celze Maton
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    Art Showcase

    What about me? :(
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    Imagine when you lying to me. :D🤞
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    What if I get a lot of warnings on forums?