Staff Team

This is a list of all the staff at LimeFruit. They work to keep the
servers clean and the forums tidy.

Name Rank SteamID Timezone Send PM
Zoephix LF Owner STEAM_0:0:50197118 GMT +1 Send PM
Tappily Community Manager STEAM_0:0:62175798 UTC -5 Send PM

Black Mesa Roleplay
Name Rank SteamID Timezone Send PM
Nick Head Staff STEAM_0:0:114876951 Unknown Send PM
Roka Staff STEAM_0:0:163638867 Unknown Send PM
Knife Staff STEAM_0:0:106663247 Unknown Send PM
LordMeGusta Staff STEAM_0:1:67003456 Unknown N/A
MajorSnowballX Junior Staff STEAM_0:0:4166476 Unknown Send PM