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  • RE: Ban Appeal

    Grignok Wrong server.

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  • Devblog #1

    Devblog #1

    Welcome to the first development blog! Here’s what we have been up to lately.

    A fresh gamemode

    I have made the first few steps towards a rewrite of the whole gamemode, this is being done to provide a more stable and optimized experience. As well as ease the ability for us to implement new features. We don't have anything visually to show as of yet, but it's a base for what's to come.

    The new map - our very beginnings

    Me and Toastinator have been carefully planning out the layout for the map, we've so far set a solid aim on what we want to achieve and where we want to take it. We'll be making the map more compact, with many areas connecting to one another. With such map design we hope to provoke roleplay and player interaction, tackling down the problems of the previous map.

    The Lambda Complex, work in progress
    (please note this is nowhere near being finished)


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  • RE: hey breezy's Staff Application

    hey breezy I can verify, his ban was given over 3 years ago.

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  • RE: Permament ban appeal


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  • RE: BMRP Screenshot Thread

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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  • Use of Force Policy


    The Use of Force Continuum

    The Use of Force Continuum is what we have developed within the department to guide and aid officers in understanding when they should use their equipment.


    Use of Deadly force

    Deadly force means force that is used against another individual, that is likely to cause serious bodily harm or death to the individual in question. The Use of Deadly force may be used if one or more of the following circumstances exists.

    Self Defence: When deadly force reasonably appears to be necessary to protect an officer who reasonably believes himself or herself is in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm.

    Serious Offences: When deadly force reasonably and objectively appears to be necessary for the safety of staff.
    Example: The suspect is currently armed with a firearm and the officers believe that without any doubt, the subject will use it.

    Serious Threats: When deadly force reasonably appears to be necessary to preserve life. This is within threats made in-regards of terroristic actions and similar.

    Apprehension: When deadly force reasonably and justifiably appears to be necessary to apprehend a subject in their escape: that, without any doubt committed a serious felony.

    Additional Considerations Involving deadly force

    If it becomes necessary to use deadly force the following precautions shall be followed.

    A warning should generally be given, if possible, before the officer discharges his firearm.

    Articulate - As long as an officer can articulate and justify the actions he has made with reasonable cause, then the officer is in most cases justified in his actions.

    Equipment Specific Policies


    • Tasers should only be used against persons who are actively resisting, exhibiting active aggression, or to prevent individuals from physically injuring themselves or others.
    • Tasers should not be replaced with deadly force and should only be used as defined above.
    • Tasers may not be deployed for an elongated amount of time, the shock should generally last a few seconds.
    • Tasers should generally be announced prior to being used (unless there is a threat to life), giving suspects a chance to comply before deploying the Taser when life or well-being is in danger.


    • Impact weapon strikes to the nerve motor points in the legs and arms are considered to be at the Intermediate Weapon level on the force continuum.
    • Any impact strikes to the head, throat or clavicle are considered to be deadly force.
      The two target areas on the arms for blocking points are:
      • The Radial nerve motor point on the outside of the upper forearm.
      • Median nerve motor point on the inside of the forearm.
    • The three target areas for striking on the legs are:
      • The Common Peroneal nerve motor point on the outside of the leg.
      • The Femoral nerve motor point on the inside of the leg.
      • The Tibial nerve motor point on the top of the calf muscle.
    • Strikes should be delivered with maximum power in an effort to eliminate the need for
      multiple strikes, decrease the need to escalate in levels of control, and shorten the time span
      of the confrontation.
    • After striking a subject, officers should employ other methods of follow–up control and
      ensure the subject receives medical attention when necessary.
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  • Radio Codes


    Key Phrases and Terminology

    The contents below lists some key phrases and terminology that you will need to know, understand and use.

    Radio codes are generally optional as long as the message is clear and concise. The codes listed below are the only codes which are authorized for use within the department, using others may confuse your colleagues and cause critical issues, therefore it is a disciplinable offense to use other codes in the main radio.


    10-0 Use Caution
    10-1 Signal Weak
    10-2 Signal Good
    10-3 Stop Transmitting
    10-4 Message Received
    10-5 Relay
    10-7 Out Of Service
    10-8 In Service
    10-9 Repeat
    10-10 Fight In Progress
    10-12 Stand By
    10-13 Report Conditions
    10-15 Work Disturbance
    10-18 Urgent
    10-20 Advise To Location
    10-21 Phone <Number>
    10-22 Disregard
    10-23 Arrived At Scene
    10-24 Assignment Complete
    10-25 Report to <Location>
    10-26 Detaining Suspect
    10-30 Unauthorized Use Of Radio
    10-31 Crime In Progress
    10-32 Person With Gun
    10-33 Emergency - All Units Stand By
    10-41 Beginning Shift
    10-42 End Shift
    10-43 Information
    10-44 Permission to Leave
    10-52 Request Ambulance
    10-59 Escort
    10-60 Squad In Vicinity
    10-61 Personnel In Vicinity
    10-62 Reply To Message
    10-63 Prepare to Copy
    10-70 Fire Alarm
    10-73 Smoke Report
    10-74 Negative
    10-76 En route to <Location>
    10-77 Estimated Time of Arrival
    10-78 Request Assistance
    10-80 Pursuit in Progress
    10-85 Arrival Delayed
    10-89 Bomb Threat
    10-95 Subject In Custody
    10-96 Detain Subject
    10-98 Prisoner Escape

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  • RE: Ban Appeal

    TheShadowMan I feel that the timespan in which you are appealing for this ban is rather short, the situation being frustrating is not a valid excuse for disconnecting, as it's blatantly breaking the rules and roleplay for others. You must keep a clear differentiation between IC and OOC in mind during situations like these.
    For this once I'm willing to change the punishment into a warning + PK, I won't be so easy on you next time however.

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  • RE: Music Discussion


    I'll add onto the thread, I mostly listen to Retrowave and Alternative!

    These are some examples.

    Rosentwig - Press Start to Begin Your Journey:
    Home - Burning:
    Virtual Mage - Moondust:

    Dayglow - Close To You:
    Foster The People - Static Space Lover:
    Twenty One Pilots - Chocker:
    DREAMERS - Wolves (You Got Me):

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  • RE: Bug Report | Lab A Corridor Door Texture Bug | 1/24/2022

    codijayrobot This is a known bug, it will be patched in the upcoming hotfix set to be pushed out today.

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