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  • RE: Ban Appeal

    Grignok Wrong server.

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  • Devblog #1

    Devblog #1

    Welcome to the first development blog! Here’s what we have been up to lately.

    A fresh gamemode

    I have made the first few steps towards a rewrite of the whole gamemode, this is being done to provide a more stable and optimized experience. As well as ease the ability for us to implement new features. We don't have anything visually to show as of yet, but it's a base for what's to come.

    The new map - our very beginnings

    Me and Toastinator have been carefully planning out the layout for the map, we've so far set a solid aim on what we want to achieve and where we want to take it. We'll be making the map more compact, with many areas connecting to one another. With such map design we hope to provoke roleplay and player interaction, tackling down the problems of the previous map.

    The Lambda Complex, work in progress
    (please note this is nowhere near being finished)


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  • Employee File: Samuel Roberts


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  • Employee File: Sophie Connors


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  • hey breezy's Staff Application

    Steam Name
    hey breezy


    Central European Time (CET)

    Do you fulfill all of the requirements?
    Yes I do.

    What is your ban/warning history on our services?

    How active are you within the community?
    Pretty much daily, I join the server when it's populated, even with 1-2 players. I'm active on Discord, talking in text channels and voice channels.

    Do you have any characters holding supervisory positions?

    Do you have any whitelists other than the default one or ones given by supporting?
    Yes, I'm whitelisted into Administration. I have a Junior HR Employee character (Sophie Connors).

    Do you have past experience in a similar position at other places?
    Yes I do, I was a former HL2RP director for this server (far into the past though), a Map Dev on Clarity Gaming, which used to be an Outlands HL2RP server. I used to be an Event Staff and a normal Admin in the Clockwork iteration of this community's BMRP.

    What is your motivation behind joining the staff team?
    I want to support the community because it's rarity for a Black Mesa roleplay formula that's Serious. I supported the community in the past and nowadays I will still continue to support it. The love and care being put into development for the server is really hope-inducing for the future of the community, and I'd like to contribute even if it is minimal (boosting the server, making new art for the loading screen, doing my job as Media Dev, etc...).

    Additional Details
    I've stopped minging for the most part. I only minge when the population is really low, like only me, or another person. This is also my second attempt in applying.

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  • RE: Mega Bug Thread

    E-N-I-G-M-A said in Mega Bug Thread:

    Try checking over all the options in your TFA Settings...
    This looks like a problem with a missing or broken Shader handling fake DOF on ADS.

    Alternatively; you may have a conflicting Weapon Base.
    Check if you have CW2 or M9K, and disable them...

    Thank you, the Iron Sight DOF was actually the problem.

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  • RE: Mega Bug Thread

    ghost with a gun said in Mega Bug Thread:

    hey breezy said in Mega Bug Thread:

    And this is the overall annoying bug, whenever you aim down any weapon, everything suddenly starts blinking white, literally giving you a seizure. It also shows all entities in white boxes. This is a problem because it can also show noclipping admins.

    try mat_specular 0

    Even with mat_specular to 0, it still happens. The screen has a white box flickering every millisecond, and it's not only annoying but also a risk to epileptic users. Though to be fair, I don't know who'd play GMod if they has epilepsy.


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  • Mega Bug Thread

    I'm gonna be making this thread because I want to post all the bugs I've experienced so far while playing on the server. I'm most likely going to reply to this thread and keep updating it if I see other bugs.

    Don't know if I'm missing a mounted game or addon but, as far as I know, I have all the addons, CSS and Episodes mounted.


    The models of the ammo scripts are mixed.


    This is pretty known but nonetheless... viewmodel bugged when equipping a weapon in First Person.


    And this is the overall annoying bug, whenever you aim down any weapon, everything suddenly starts blinking white, literally giving you a seizure. It also shows all entities in white boxes. This is a problem because it can also show noclipping admins.
    Turn off Iron Sight DOF in order to prevent this bug.


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  • RE: Ban negligence.

    this is hilarious

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